Honey derived from honeybees is an old Business in India. Most farmers breed honeybees as an additional source of Income.

For any businessman doing a Honey selling business requires Jars/bottles to store the honey collected. The Jars/bottles also need Labels/ stickers to indicate the type of honey stored and other information.

Labels are source of information about the product stored. Labels help you differentiate your product offering from the competitors.

So what ideally a Label should contain in its structure? The following elements should be present in a label-

1) The logo of the company manufacturing honey.

2) The image of the honey to catch the attention of the consumers. But the image of the product should not be similar to other products.

3) The density, specific gravity and acidic content present in Honey should be written.

4) Any precautions which should be taken while consuming honey should be specified.

After designing of label contents, it’s important to decide the type of honey labelling machine which will be used to paste the labels on the Bottles/jars. The type of labelling machine can be Automatic/semi-Automatic or Manual. The use of type of honey labelling machine depends on the volume of bottles required to be put into market on daily basis i.e. the consumer demand.

If consumer demand is not much then either a manual or semi-automatic labelling machine can serve the purpose. But if we need more bottles per day, then automatic machine is required.

There are many honey Labelling machines present in India. But the selection of the Labelling machine depends on the precision and accuracy with which the labels are pasted on the bottles/jars of Honey.

The best Honey Labelling Machine with greatest precision and accuracy is Interpack Honey Labelling Machine. It comes with a great speed even In Semi –Automatic machines.

So choose the best Honey labelling Machine to give great Brand Identity.